Founding Members:

Chris Bier • Scott & Tara Clauson
Mark & Yvonne Saverise • Sandy Thomas

We would also like to thank the following Individual Members & Corporate Sponsors for their generous support:

Big Chainring Members

Lokan, Leah
Rust, Marian
Sandpoint West Athletic Club

Small Chainring Members

Brenner, Carl
Cook, Arlene
Dick, Mel
Mellen, Jim
Murray, Mike
Myers, Robert
Ostman, Jake
Samuelson, Alice
Sweezy, Brett
Thomas, Sandy and Jo Beth

Crankset (Family Membership)

Chainlink Members

Doudna, Jim
Hammond, Connie and Kaastad, Brandon
Huisman, Cate
Larson, Dick and Linda
Lee, Paula and Jan
Lemire, Al
Lockwood, Steve and O’Reilly, Molly
Longhini, Ross and Vicki
May, Debbie and Shannon
Pine, H & A
Ross, Timothy and Sandy
Schwyn, Penny
Stephano, Leesa and Daniel
Styer, Jacob
VanVooren, Ed
Allen, Beth
Anderson, Brian
Andrews, Marty
Austin, Kathy and Phillip
Bier, Chris
Boseth, Mike
Braun, Dennis
Cooper, Brenda
Crossingham, Chris
Gervais, Philip
Grace, Eric
Gregory, Norman
Hauck, Landy
Hoffman, Michael
Huang, Jane
Jensen, Justin
Marley, Jim
McCarthy, Kevin
McGlothlin, Sam
Mickelson, Matt and Lisa
Midstokke, Ammi
Mirus, Sean
Musia, Michelle
Orchard, Rick and Becca
Parkins, Dave
Parnow, Liz
Paskoff, David
Riggs, Tom
Riggs, Tom
Rockwell, Jane and Patrick
Role, Mary Catherine
Sanchez, Steve
Sayler, Karen
Scott, Karen
Smith, Dee Ann and Stephan
Snider, Robert
Trejos, Bruce
Vogel, Pau

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