Come experience PSW’s groomed trails!

For the latest narrow trail grooming report click here. For the XC ski trail grooming report click here.

The Pend Oreille Pedalers maintain approximately 2.5 miles of groomed narrow trails in Pine Street Woods for winter recreation (see map at the bottom of this page for directions to PSW). Fat bikes, snowshoes and hikers are always welcome on our narrow trails; however, if the snow conditions are very soft or if the trails are muddy, please consider backing out and returning on another day. Fat bikes should have 3.7″ or wider tires, and we recommend a tire pressure of between 2.5 – 4 psi; the softer the snow the lower the pressure.

You can learn more about Pine Street Woods here.

For winter 2020 POP has established and maintains a trail network that offers riders several loop options. When conditions are right, the groomed PSW trails can be ridden in combination with the broader Syringa / Sherwood Forest trail network, which adds up to 7 additional miles of singletrack (not groomed by POP).

The map shows what is currently being groomed.

A good option for a 5.5 mile ride all on POP’s groomed narrow trails starting from the parking lot is as follows:

  1. Ride Crooked Tree up to the viewpoint and turnaround
  2. Descend top half of Crooked Tree up and turn right on Crooked Tree down, descend Crooked Tree down to intersection with Powerline.
  3. Turn left on Powerline and enjoy the flowy descent back to the parking lot.
  4. Turn around and ascend Powerline back past the intersection with Crooked Tree down, following the trail into a fast descent through the trees into the meadow.
  5. Cross the wide trail on the edge of the meadow and hop onto Butterfly.
  6. Follow Butterfly through the meadow and up to the edge of the forest, continuing into the woods to the intersection with Upper Greta’s connector. Turn right on Upper Greta’s connector.
  7. Descend Upper Greta’s to Lower Greta’s connector, turn left and rejoin Butterfly for the return to the parking lot.
  8. Finally, choose your favorite upper section (Crooked Tree or Powerline), and follow it back to Butterfly. This time complete the full Butterfly loop without taking either of the Greta’s connector trails.
  9. You’re back at your car and have just ridden almost 6 miles of fun, flowy groomed singletrack!
KLT’s winter trail map for Pine Street Woods. Bikes are only allowed on the narrow trails.

To support POP and its volunteer groomers, please renew your membership for 2020, or you can make a one time donation to the club here.