Join or Renew for 2023

Thanks for joining or renewing your membership to Pend Oreille Pedalers!

Our Mission

  • Maintain & Protect existing mountain bike trails & cycling routes
  • Expand opportunities for mountain biking & cycling
  • Advocate for the interests of mountain bikers with land managers
  • Build & Ride trails with others who share a passion for riding bikes

Your membership is a sign of your support for our mission. You'll be invited to participate in monthly club meetings from April through October, participate in weekly or bi-weekly trail work parties, join weekly group rides, and help shape the future of bicycle-based recreation in and around Sandpoint.

There are many levels of membership from which to choose, from "Trail User" to "Trail Boss." Each level comes with its own perks and benefits, and new members of all levels are welcome to participate in club meetings, group rides, and trail work days.

Every level of membership includes schwag! Here's what we are offering for 2023*:

*Upon signing up or renewing your membership you will receive a confirmation email indicating your level of membership. To collect your schwag, print this email and bring it to Outdoor Experience (314 1st Avenue) in Sandpoint, where our schwag is for sale! Say hi to Jenny and thank her for sponsoring POP while you're there!

Member schwag is available for pickup by new members at Outdoor Experience on 1st Avenue or at the Alpine Shop on Church Street in Sandpoint!

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