Mini-ex Machine Rental

Many years ago an extremely generous (and awesome) donor purchased an excavator for POP! The intention was that this machine would be used to build trails of all types for public use. Hiking, Biking, or anything else outdoors. It built many miles of fun trails! Fortunately, the demand for trail building in Sandpoint has grown way beyond the capability of this tiny excavator. It was heartbreaking to see this little guy in the parking lot all of 2020 not being used. :’(  Rather than let this cute thing sit for another year we’ve decided to rent it for an astronomically low rate to anyone who is building public trails. Please fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call. 


  • $50 per day for non-profit use towards public trail construction
  • $100 per day for private or business use for non-trail related projects

You must pay for at least half the total days you have the machine. For example, if you keep the machine for 10 days, the minimum charge would be for five days of use. For this reason, we recommend renting the machine only for the days you have an operator available to use it.

Complete the contact form below for inquiries.