Little Sand Creek Watershed Lower Basin Black DH trail (2024 construction period)

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RFP for 2024 Lower Basin DH trail project FINAL
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Schweitzer High Point Trail Reroute - More info

Pend Oreille Pedalers will act as project manager for the the reroute of High Point Trail on the south ridge of Schweitzer Resort. The property owner, Schweitzer Mountain Properties (SMP) is in the early stages of design and engineering for a ~100 unit housing development located on the site of the existing High Point trail.

In 2024 SMP will begin initial site prep for the development, with infrastructure going in summer 2025. A new road to the development will also impact Sidewinder and Sparky, existing trails between High Point and the Schweitzer roundabout.

Ultimately the project will require design and construction of around 2.5 miles of new trail. SMP will fund the project, with POP working as project manager liaising between the builder and SMP. The desired timeline for the project is:

  • Late May - early June 2024: Design and flagging (as snow melts on the ridge)
  • Late June 2024: Begin construction of rerouted High Point trail
  • October 2024: Construction complete.

The primary difference between this project and the Lower Basin black DH RFP is the design and flagging of the High Point trail must be included in contractor's proposals. Without having a flagged corridor and with relatively little information on the terrain limitations, POP is open to various proposal formats from contractors interested in the SMP project either in addition to POP's Lower Basin project or as an alternative to the Lower Basin project.

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